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Jon Snow And Ygritte Are Now Married In Real Life

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Instead, his pride got in the way as he revealed he had already bent the knee to another queen. Sadly, this decision killed any chances of Cersei supporting his cause. Jon Snow became the most heroic character inGame of Thronesand if he had become the King of the Seven Kingdoms it would have been the cherry on top of the cake. He was a fierce, honorable, modest soldier who intended nothing but to fight for justice to all. He went through a wild journey during the entire show, discovering his true identity and always being on the front lines of the most dramatic battlesin Westeros. Jon Snow lived a hard life in Game of Thrones and was forced to make some unthinkable decisions.

There are people who marry after their first wife died. That doesn´t make the love for the first wife less worth than the second. Let’s see, he loves the one he actually has CHOSEN to love, rather than being forced into it. The one who flew half a continent to save him, rather than try to kill him twice. The legendary queen who brought dragons into the world again, rather than the random annoying wildling. The woman who freed thousands of slaves rather than the one who killed innocent people for sport.

Kit Harington wife: How Jon Snow marriage nearly ENDED over THIS shocking mistake

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And the audience believed this too for the first couple of episodes. But in reality, viewers were surprised and also relieved when it was revealed that he was House Targaryen’s rightful heir as his parents wereRhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. This put an end to the bullies that used this argument against this wronged man. So much so that, later on, he was chosen to rule by his people. From a bastard to a king, there’s no doubt that Jon Snow came a long way in the series. KIT HARINGTON and Rose Leslie, both 32, met on the set of Game of Thrones.

Katie and Joshua actually dated in real life before their characters got together in the show, having been in a relationship for the first couple of seasons. Jon and Ygritte actually started as enemies; their storyline kick-starts in season two, when they must huddle together for survival in brutal wintry conditions. Their relationship was a playful one, with Ygritte unloading jeer after jeer (“You know nothing, Jon Snow”). She was the strongest and most respected female wildling warrior, and it was her sharp, acerbic wit and unbending strength that bonded them. Even when we heart-wrenchingly watched the duo face off in the Battle of Castle Black, Jon nobly refused to hurt her. When a member of the Knight’s Watch struck Ygritte, leaving her to die, Jon held her in his arms as her last breath passed her lips.


But not before she shot him three times with arrows, nearly ending his life. Jon Snow and Ygritte have ended their relationship… in real life, not just in Westeros. The 29-year-old British actor, Kit seemed to finally confirmed rumours that he’s dating his co-star. Where Kit was seen leaning over to plant a kiss on Rose’s lips in public.

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Daenerys originally sought to sit on the Iron Throne as a benevolent ruler who could genuinely do good for her people. Jon was the same way, thinking not of himself, but how best to serve the people he commands. Though their individual teams don’t always see eye-to-eye, these two have a talent for inspiring people.

What more can be said about Jon’s qualities and integrity level? While this character evolved hugely from the beginning until the final season, his best traits remained untouched. So when it came to his loyalty to Daenerys’ cause, fans didn’t expect anything other than his full commitment. Still, their relationship started tense as Jon refused to bend the knee because he wanted the North to remain independent. But after he accepted her as his queen, he lived and breathed to see her sit on the Iron Throne one day.

She has dragons, a massive army, the right family name and the ability to lead people. Jon is a famous warrior and hero, the leader of the North, and a noble man. These common goals linked Jon and Daenerys as good people. Tragedy and circumstances changed Daenerys for the worse, but if they had matched up their common goals earlier and been on the same page, they could have done a lot of good together. Despite the way things ended up with Daenerys, she and Jon largely seemed to have the same ideas of what it means to be a ruler.

Years before she married Tom Cruise, Holmes revealed in a very sweet interview with People back in 1998 that Joshua was actually her first love. So, if HBO sets are where lasting relationships are born, here are a few more fantasy couples the universe should make come true next, please. The HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones has managed to win hearts across the globe. Kit Harington and Rose Leslie’s on-screen chemistry did grab a lot of eye balls.

While Jon and Ygritte did not share a happy ending, their real life counterparts did. Kit Harington is married to his former Thrones love interest Rose Leslie. The couple met on the show when she was cast as Ygritte, the wildling Jon Snow fell in love with. A significant way in which the season failed in the eyes of fans was betraying or wasting a lot of its characters, including Jon. Nevertheless, this episode sees Jon kill Daenerys and get sent away to take the black once again and go north of the wall with Ghost and his friends.

As he rode away, the redheaded wildling filled her lover with three arrows, sparing his life. Lena and Dan, who were childhood friends, started dating after Lena’s marriage to musician Peter Loughran ended in 2013. Lena and Dan have a two-year-old AsianDate profile examples daughter named Teddy together, and Lena has a son named Wylie from her marriage to Peter. These two managed to stay in a relationship on screen for at least half a season, even though they sadly broke up in real life after three years together.

With just weeks to go until the sixth season of Game of Thrones airs, there’s news that everyone’s favorite GoT couple have rekindled their real-life relationship. The couple met on the set of the HBO fantasy drama, and played onscreen lovers before Rose’s wildling character was killed by Olly of the Night’s Watch, at the battle of Castle Black, in series four. Kit Harington and Rose Leslie just had their first baby.